Kabul: The newly 're-opened' Indian embassy in Kabul is expected to increase its operations, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, Abdul Qahar Balkhi announced on Twitter today, reported TOLOnews.

"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan appreciates this step of India, which wants to increase the level of diplomatic representation of its embassy in Kabul," said Abdul Qahar Balkhi in a Tweet.

The Embassy will ramp up its operations as the "technical team" is already posted there since June focusing on business and trade opportunities and distribution of food and medical aid.

India has a historical and civilizational relationship with the Afghan people.

Recently, another Indian team visited Kabul to oversee the delivery operations of our humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and met with senior members of the Taliban. During the visit, an assessment of the security situation was also carried out.

As per the local media sources, the Indian Embassy in Kabul was never closed and local staff were providing consular services.

The Taliban entered Kabul on August 15 last year, causing the US-backed government to step down. Later in September, the outfit announced the composition of the new interim government of Afghanistan.

The country is currently battered by the deepening economic, humanitarian, and security crisis following the Taliban takeover. The international community, from governments to non-governmental organizations, has been providing various assistance to the Afghan people.