New Delhi: Amid the Wikipedia controversy related to cricketer Arshdeep Singh, Union Minister of State for Electronics and Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar on September 07 in Delhi, warned the intermediaries of the consequences under the law against such actions if they are not dealt with.

The controversy erupted over the cricketer’s name being involved with Khalistan on Wikipedia. Trolls poured in soon after the alteration on the site.

The whole issue was over the cricketer missing a crucial catch in the Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan. “We've made it clear to the intermediaries that if they want to remain intermediaries, we have a due diligence obligation towards content that is posted on their platforms and if they don't do that, there are consequences under law that they'll have to deal with,” the Union Minister said. “We are not necessarily wanting to threaten.

We don't want any intermediary to feel uncomfortable working in India but we want to surely remind them that they have a serious obligation and responsibility under the Indian laws,” he added.