Washington: Several Republican House lawmakers sent a letter to US Cabinet Secretaries Antony Blinken and Merrick Garland in which they demanded answers on a reported Chinese police presence in New York City, Fox News reported.

Republican Study Committee chairman Jim Banks of Indiana alongside Reps. Michael Waltz of Florida and Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin led the letter to Garland and Blinken demanding answers on why China's Fuzhou police were reportedly able to open a US-based police arm.

"The Department of Justice and State Department must explain why the Biden administration has allowed CCP police to set up an office on U.S. soil," Banks said in a statement, reported Fox News.

Last month, there are reports surfaced that China has opened dozens of "overseas police service stations" around the globe to monitor its citizens living abroad, including one location in New York City and three in Toronto, New York Post said.

"These operations eschew official bilateral police and judicial cooperation and violate the international rule of law, and may violate the territorial integrity in third countries involved in setting up a parallel policing mechanism using illegal methods," a report by Safeguard Defenders read, reported New York Post.

In a quest to emerge as a global superpower, the Chinese government has opened numerous illegal police stations across the world including in developed countries like Canada and Ireland, triggering concerns among human rights campaigners.

Such informal police service stations affiliated with the Public Security Bureau (PSB) across Canada have been set up to antagonize China's adversaries, Investigative Journalism Reportika stated citing the local media.

According to local media reports, Fuzhou has established informal police service stations affiliated with the Public Security Bureau (PSB) across Canada. At least three of these stations are located in the Greater Toronto Area only.

Moreover, the Chinese government is also influencing the elections in certain countries through these illegal police stations, according to Investigative Journalism Reportika.

Countries like Ukraine, France, Spain, Germany, and the UK have such arrangements for Chinese Police Stations and the leaders of most of these countries question the rise of China and its worsening human rights records on public platforms and are themselves a part of that issue.