Multan: Amid the reports of hundreds of rotting corpses found on the roof of Pakistan's Multan city's hospital, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan says Pakistani Institutions including Army are behind these atrocities.

Outlawed group, TTP condemned the discovery of hundreds of dead bodies in a hospital in Multan and said that it is the work of the Pakistani government and its institution like Frontier Corps, Army and Inter-Services Intelligence, according to the statement released by TTP.

"Pakistan is the 'state of butchers'; where no one cares for human lives specially Balochs & Pashtoons," TTP said.

The statement writes that the National Assembly of Pakistan is impure, and says Pakistan has no pure intentions for Balochs and Pashtoons.

In the declaration issued by this movement, it is said that the bodies of these people were mutilated, and then their organs were removed and sold for dirty money and games.

The statement further added that thousands of Pashtuns and Baloch have been disappearing for years and are facing such a fate.

The rotten corpses belonged to Balochs and Pashtuns who were victims of forced disappearances, TTP claimed.

TTP in the statement condemned the parties and human rights organisations that did not raise their voice against such cases and said that TTP will account to the government for such actions.

The outlawed group also said that the acts like this and disrespect of human bodies are against Shariah.

On October 14, multiple unidentified and decomposing bodies were found lying on the rooftop of the Nishtar hospital's mortuary.

Following the incident, an investigation began following orders from the province's additional chief secretary to form a six-member committee. And as the result, the committee demanded action against Nishtar Hospital's staff for mistreating corpses.

The report further stated that the police will be responsible for taking the abandoned corpse back 28 days after sending it to the hospital. It also stated that the police and the secretary of the police union council would jointly conduct the dead body's burial.

The hospital administration and police should coordinate the burial of dead bodies, it suggested. Earlier, the hospital blamed police and rescue officials for decaying bodies on rooftops, reported Geo News.

Nishtar Medical University's (NMU) Head of Anatomy Department Dr Mariam Ashraf said that the rescue officials and police were to blame for the piling up of bodies in the morgue and on its roof.

Ashraf said that the medical facility could not refuse to accept the bodies as it was bound to take them in as safekeeping. "Police and rescue officials ask us to keep it in the hospital."

"The police and rescue officials do not take them back on time. We have written documents in which we have asked them to take the bodies. Since there is a lag, such things happen," the official said.

Meanwhile, Pro-Baloch groups have voiced serious concern over the recovery of the dead bodies. In a statement, the Baloch National Movement (BNM) spokesperson said that the dead bodies discovered on the roof of Multan hospital and the condition of the dead bodies concern them.

"Those who were thrown on the roof inhumanely, whose flesh was being eaten by vultures and crows. These bodies were identified by Tariq Gujjar, adviser to the Chief Minister of Punjab. Despite this, the Pakistani media has suppressed this news. It also shows this reality, that is why this news is being hidden in media," the BNM spokesperson said.

"In this month, the bodies of 168 unidentified people were found in Punjab. Those who were declared unknown persons and buried," the spokesperson added.

Baluchistan Liberation Front (BLF) chief Allah Nazar Baloch described the recovery of hundreds of dead bodies as a huge tragedy and urged the UN and the human rights agencies to take urgent notice of the gruesome incident.