SSS Defence is set to supply 300 qty of Attachment for AK-47 Rifle including new fitment of Picatinny Rail and Reflex Sight to Eastern Command, Indian Army.

The ever-dependable AK-47 assault rifle of the Army has just become deadlier and more stable, thanks to an indigenous upgrade solution brought in by an Indian company as per an earlier report.

The Bangalore-based SSS Defence, which won a contract from an elite unit of the Army — beating an Israeli firm — in October last year, delivered its upgrade kits to the Army, the company said.

The new kit includes a new foldable buttstock for the rifle, which allows the soldier to operate it better. The upgrade kits include a hand-guard and vertical grip, which allow the soldier a better and stable firing position. Sources also said (unconfirmed) SSS has provided with a flash hider at no extra cost, since it was not part of the requirements issued by the particular unit of the Army.

The upgrade also comes with a new dust cover that will allow mounting of sights, a feature that the AK-47 lacked until now. The sights will help the soldier aim.

There have been changes to the front part, which will allow mounting of a bipod or a knife when needed.

Until now, Israel’s Fab Defence had a monopoly in the Indian market over the upgrade of AK-47s.

The source added that the upgrade kits make the rifle look and feel completely new.

SSS Defence is also eyeing a possible contract from the Indian Army for the upgrade of the legendary Dragunov rifle, commonly known in the armed forces as DSR.