New Delhi: As India celebrates Navy Day 2022, Rolls-Royce salutes the valiant officers of the Indian Navy and reinforces its commitment to support the forces on the journey ahead towards modernisation and electrification of the future naval fleet.

Over the past eight decades, Rolls-Royce has pioneered some of the most important technical advances in marine propulsion including the use of aero-gas turbines for surface ship propulsion. The company’s rich experience in supporting the electrification of the Royal Navy’s warships over many years makes it well-equipped to partner the Indian Navy for its future fleet.

Kishore Jayaraman, President – India and South Asia, Rolls-Royce said, “India’s maritime prowess has grown from strength to strength, positioning the Indian Navy as a formidable force on the world stage. On this Navy Day, our commitment to support the country’s defence modernisation and self-reliance goals remains as strong as ever. We believe that our world-leading range of integrated power and propulsion solutions can add value to India’s naval modernisation and electrification programme. We are proud to have partnered the forces and will continue to serve the present and future mission-readiness of the forces.”

Rolls-Royce is the only manufacturer in the world that has provided navalised marine gas turbine generators into front-line integrated full-electric propulsion (IFEP)-powered destroyers and aircraft carriers. The company’s revolutionary MT30 is currently the world’s most power-dense marine gas turbine in-service, offering a superior power-to-weight ratio, generating up to 40MW from a 30-tonne packaged unit, including most of the auxiliary systems. It gives navies more power in less machinery space than alternative engine types and offers ship designers much more options and flexibility in designing the naval vessels of tomorrow.

Rolls-Royce’s MTU engines have been powering several vessels of the Indian Navy and Coast Guard. The MTU 8000 and 4000-Series engines well-suited for large surface vessels and submarines respectively, and the comprehensive MTU NautIQ ship automation portfolio are also part of Rolls-Royce’s offerings to meet India’s evolving naval defence needs.