Kabul: Afghanistan has been declared the most insecure country in the world as the country is under a grip of a reeling humanitarian crisis, Khaama Press reported citing a report by the International Institute for Peace and Economics (IEP) on Tuesday.

Based on the Global Peace Index (GPI), the annual report of the international organization, 163 countries were evaluated and Afghanistan ranked 163rd for the second year in a row.

Afghanistan was named the most insecure country in the world during the 2021 assessment, while Iceland was named the safest.

In this report, after Iceland, which has first place, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Singapore and Japan are ranked second to tenth according to the indicators of international peace, Khaama Press reported.

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, the international community has been expressing concern over the situation of people in the war-ravaged nation and calling for respecting the basic human rights in the country by the Taliban.

Blasts and terrorist activities have also become a regular affair in the war-torn country as people continue to suffer.

Despite the assistance, Afghanistan's poverty, malnutrition, and unemployment rates are still at their peak in the country. Natural catastrophes have made the situation even worse for Afghans, who are now facing one of the greatest humanitarian crises in history.