The agreement is part of the Make in India initiative and will explore opportunities to develop drone-based service applications in the Indian Defence Sector.

Gopalan Aerospace, a leader in the Indian Aerospace Industry, has tied up with MTC Slovakia S.R.O and DEFSYSTECH S.R.O, the pioneers in drone/defence development industry, for development of precision drones in the country.

The joint venture between the companies was signed by Mr. C. Prabhakar, Director, Gopalan Aerospace and Peter Ostromecky, President, DEFSYSTECH S.R.O at the Aero India 2023 at Bangalore.

Under the partnership, the companies will work closely to explore opportunities to develop drone-based service applications in the Indian Defence Sector.

A statement from Gopalan Aerospace stated that the high-precision weapon system AX-2 predator is an attack system of BLOS (Beyond-Line-Of-Sight) guidance type, based on UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platform. “AX2 Predator is easy-to-deployed light transportable weapon system, often referred in the category of a Loitering munition. This system is designed to support the ground troops which operate in harsh conditions and difficult combat situations,” the statement mentioned.

According to Prabhakar, the product is developed in India under the Make In India Policy of the government. “Drones have become a need for the country. Gopalan Aerospace is a leader in Aerial Targets, Drones and UAV’s for the Indian Defence Sector and our only motive with this tie up is to see what best can be done for the defence sector of our country”, he said.

Gopalan Aerospace has worked on radars and drones in their Bangalore facility and has also received the ET Achievers award for Emerging Start-Up of the Year.

Speaking about the tie up, Peter Ostromecky, President, DEFSYSTECH S.R.O said “we are excited about this collaboration with Gopalan Aerospace and are looking forward to work together for the Defence Industry”.

Deployment of The System

The main purpose of the system is to search, identify and destroy High Value targets (HVT) using direct hit, while destroying its ow platform. It is predetermined for tactical-level command of mechanized infantry, reconnaissance units or direct fire support units in asymmetrical, symmetrical or local conflicts, as well as peace keeping missions worldwide.

The target is terminated by using purpose-build high explosive warhead which reduces collateral damage. The use of the jet engine favors the system against other competing platforms, the value added is much higher cruise speed together with fast operational area entry system.

Technical Characteristics

● Operational Range - Up to 120KM
● Cruise Speed/VNE - 320/420
● Flight Endurance - Up to 30 minutes
● UAV Weight MTOW - 30 KG
● Warhead Weight - 3 KG
● Maximum Permissible Overload - 6 G
● Wing Span - 2.2 Meters
● Length - 2 Meters
● Control Modes - Semi automatic and Automat
● Operational Temperatures - 40° C - + 50° C
● Operational Altitude - Up to 6000 Meters
● Fuel - A1