Tokyo: As Artificial Intelligence is replacing humans in the workplace, a Japanese start-up is seeking to challenge the dominance of the world's biggest chip maker, NVIDIA, according to NHK World.

In the workplace, machines are replacing humans in firms. Start-Up companies are turning things as they use AI instead of humans to do their job. The firm was seen using AI for harvesting.

Preferred Networks is a new startup company that is making cars, robots, and other devices more intelligent by fusing software and hardware in a sophisticated manner. By making devices intelligent enough to adapt to continuously changing environments and conditions, the world becomes computable through real-time sensing of the physical world.

Preferred Networks is giving tough competition to NVIDIA, which is the world leader in Artificial Intelligence computing. NVIDIA's work is in AI and the metaverse is transforming the world's largest industries and profoundly impacting society.

Preferred Networks became a three-time World Champion on the Green 500 Supercomputer ranking of computing power per watt and beat NVIDIA.

Nishikawa Toru, CEO of Preferred Networks said, "We got a really big boost from becoming the world no. 1. We are small but I believe that we can develop a strategy to enable us to create outstanding processes. this flexibility is the strength of start-ups. The company is now working on an even faster chip as it continues to challenge the tech giants both at home and abroad," as per NHK World.