Riyadh: Aiming for drastic changes by 2030, Saudi Arabia unearthed its strong friendship with India with a selection of a pavilion among 10 countries from across the world in its entertainment premier 'Boulevard World' amid celebrations of its 'Founding Day'.

Based in Saudi Arabia's capital, Boulevard World -- a premier entertainment area -- allows visitors to experience different cultures from 10 countries worldwide involving separate sub-zones inspired by India, Morocco, China, Italy, France, Spain, America, Japan, Greece and Mexico.

For families and individuals, Boulevard World is a premier entertainment destination, featuring a host of experiences, including rides in hot air balloons, submarines and boats.

It has the largest man-made lake in the world, where boats can travel between cities through 11 stations.

It also offers the Area 15 experience from Las Vegas; The Sphere, the biggest spherical theatre in the world; a city for game fans; comic book and anime-themed activities; and plenty of family-friendly entertainment options.

Visitors can enjoy a ride in a Venetian gondola, taste American cuisine, stroll through live Hollywood shows, shop for the best Spanish products, and watch flamenco shows.

Parade, balloon flights, painting competitions, melodies and family events were also among other engagements across the nation as Saudi Arabia on Wednesday marked its second 'Founding Day' celebrations highlighting its 300 years of history through culture and artistic events activities and a four-day holiday.

'Founding Day' -- celebrated on February 22 to commemorate the country's founding by Imam Mohammed bin Saud -- was declared a national holiday last year following a royal decree by King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

The Kingdom's capital rang in 'Founding Day' celebrations with parades and live performances in locations across the city. Streets filled with celebration as families dressed in traditional attire gathered to watch.

The Ministry of Culture held a musical theatre performance highlighting the history of Saudi Arabia in Princess Nourah University's Red Hall. The show premiered on February 20 and will continue until February 27.

The Ministry also hosted a parade at the intersections of Prince Turki bin Abdulaziz Al-Awwal Road and King Salman Road in Riyadh featuring Arabian horses, traditional attire and colourful performances highlighting three centuries of the Kingdom's history.

The historical site Diriyah hosted a 'Founding Day' parade and other family activities in four locations, including JAX Park and Riyadh Skate Park.

One of the most popular family festivities was the Majlis, an educational event spotlighting the heritage and culture of the First Saudi State through lectures, panel discussions and workshops hosted in King Fahd National Library.