DRDO's Drone, Detect, Deter and Destroy system was one of the products to be displayed at Aero India 2023. This is the first indigenously developed anti-drone system to be inducted into the Indian Armed Forces that is able to tackle any security threat within a 4 km radius. The D4 Drone System Developed by the DRDO and manufactured by Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is the first indigenously built anti-drone system to be inducted into the Indian armed forces.

Features of DRDO's Drone,Detect,Deter And Destroy System

Using multiple sensors and two different counterattacks, the drone system can detect, track and identify rogue drones within the 4km range. The D4 drone system is capable of destroying micro drones by jamming the command and control links and further damaging the hardware of the drones.

Once this system identifies the aerial threat, the drone system transfers the information to its associated systems. This information enables counter techniques of the either hard or soft kill. For soft kill, the system instantly detects and jams micro drones or uses a laser-based kill mechanic to terminate targets for the hard kill.

The system can lase a target up to 1.25 km far depending on its wattage. It uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to detect the frequency which is being used by the controller and then the systems are jammed.

It has drone detection and tracking radar, a day and night camera, a communication channel and jamming system, a GPS jamming and spoofing system and a command and control centre with power sources for the complete system. These features makes it a deadly counter against drone threats.

Why India Needed A Drone, Detect, Deter And Destroy System

The Drone menace is on the rise in India. The D4 anti-drone system is a much-needed technological piece the country’s defence infrastructure had long been looking for. Drone sightings have recently increased along the Line of Control (LOC). The BSF, in 2023, has shot down 22 such drones and seized almost 45 kilograms of heroin in addition to seven grenades, 60 rounds of ammunition and two magazines. These drones have been used to drop weapons, drugs and explosives across the border into the Indian side.