New Delhi: Calling India a rising power and a powerful economy, Iranian Envoy to India Iraj Elahi said that India is strong enough to resist the pressure of the West as it resisted the pressure of buying oil from Russia. The Envoy also hoped that India would start importing oil from Iran adding that it would benefit the Indian economy.

"India is not Taiwan. India is not South Korea. India is not this or that country. India is a rising power. India has a powerful economy. So, India could easily resist the pressure of the west. As India resisted the pressure for buying oil from Russia. We believe that India could and we hope that for the benefit of the Indian economy and people, the Indian government will start importing oil", said the Iranian Envoy.

India suspended oil imports from Iran in 2019 because of the threat of US secondary sanctions.

The envoy also highlighted that Iran is ready to resume its export to India but it is up to India to decide. Further, stressing the sanctions imposed on Iran, the envoy said that day by day the sanctions on countries are increasing and one has to learn to live with it.

"Iran is an oil producer and oil is important in our economy. Despite the sanctions and not short sanctions, you know more than 10 years, we have been under sanctions. We have found some ways to sell our oil and oil products like petrochemicals and other products. We always express our readiness to resume our export to India. It's up to India", said the Iranian Envoy.

"The number of countries under sanctions is increasing day by day. All countries should learn how to live under sanctions otherwise they will lose their interests. Now, India is getting the benefit of the situation in Russia. And no one can blame India. India is following its own national interest and Iran also follows its own national interest. We are ready and we have learned how to deal with Sanctions. Not only in the field of oil export, but also in the field of money transfer", the envoy added.

Further Highlighting India's role in supporting Iran as a full member of SCO, the Envoy said that he hopes that according to the SCO program, Iran will be a full member of SCO.

"India as a member of SCO has supported membership of Iran and according to the calendar of SCO, the next summit of SCO will be held in India and we hope that according to the program of SCO, Iran will be a full member of SCO".

"Of course, the president will come to India and we are waiting for the summit and the president will participate", said the envoy while being asked if the Iranian President will attend the summit.