Manama: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla in his address at the General Debate during the 146th Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union in Bahrain's Manama said that the United Nations Security Council needs "urgent reforms". UNSC reforms cannot be stopped forever and the reforms are on India's global agenda, he added.

Birla was sharing his thoughts on the subject "Promoting peaceful co-existence and inclusive societies: Fight against intolerance" at the General Debate during the 146th Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union where he was addressing the presidents of the parliaments of 140 countries on the topic of promoting peaceful coexistence and inclusive society and struggled against intolerance, on Sunday.

Lok Sabha Speaker said, "Building a peaceful, prosperous and inclusive global order is the need of the hour. For this, it is necessary that international institutions should be based on equality and justice." There is an "Urgent need to reform the UN Security Council," he stated firmly.

He said that there is a wide agreement among the countries of the world too that important matters have to be taken seriously and honestly.
"UNSC reform process cannot be stopped forever, this reform is an important part of our future global agenda," he said while addressing presidents of 140 Countries.

He said that India has gained recognition as the Mother of Democracy in the whole world because of its rich pluralistic culture and the largest constitution.

"Fraternity, peace, freedom, and socio-economic justice are the basis of our constitution," he added.

"India follows the culture of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and it is also the birthplace of many religions, people of different religions live together here. That is the basis of our existence," LOk Sabha Speaker added while mentioning the culture of Unity in Diversity.

He said that the constitution of India promotes equality and justice and that every India is proud of India's diverse culture.

Om Birla further said that the multi-party ideology is the biggest strength of the Indian democracy. He also said that India's democracy has become prosperous and firm in 75 years of Independence.

"More than 900 million voters are listed in India, increasing voter turnout in every election is a sign of people's faith in democracy," he made clear.

"The hopes and expectations of the public are expressed through the people's representatives in the Parliament," he said after a week after Congress MP Rahul Gandhi alleged that democracy in India is dead and that members of Parliament are not allowed to speak inside the Parliament.

Om Birla further reiterated his point saying, "Freedom of opinion and opinion to all the people's representatives is given in the Lok Sabha. Parliament has brought socio-economic changes in the lives of people in 75 years."

He mentioned that the developmental work is being done in India with the spirit of inclusiveness, "Sab ka sath, Sabka Vikas, Sab ka Sath Sabka ka Prayas" is our motto, he added.

He further stated that global issues should be resolved peacefully in the changing scenario.

The Lok Sabha speaker also said that the Indian Parliament did meaningful discussions on topics like climate change, gender equality, and COVID.