Beijing: A decisive victory for Russia in the war against Ukraine will be equally detrimental to China and its interests because if Russia wins then its influence in Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa will increase, giving China little space to go unchallenged in these regions, reported Geo-politik.

Experts, therefore, feel that China will see that Russia remains engulfed in the war against Ukraine and it's quite naive to expect that China's President Xi Jinping will genuinely desire that the Ukraine war should come to an end so soon.

French President Emmanuel Macron last week made a state visit to China where he appealed to Xi to help push Russian President Vladimir Putin to the negotiating table with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskyy to resolve the more than one-year-old conflict.

During talks with his French counterpart, Xi said that China always stands on the side of peace and would like to work with the rest of the world to contribute to the realisation of peace, reported Geo-politik.

Almost the same words President Xi Jinping had used regarding the Ukraine-Russia war during his talks with Olaf Scholz when the German Chancellor, in the course of his shortest visit of 11 hours to Beijing in November last year.

Meanwhile, the Chinese President's much-hyped visit to Moscow included respecting the sovereignty of all countries, abandoning the cold war mentality, ceasing hostilities, resuming peace talks, resolving the humanitarian crisis, protecting civilians and prisoners of war, keeping nuclear power plants safe, reducing strategic risks, facilitating grain exports, stopping unilateral sanctions, keeping industrial and supply chains stable and promoting post-conflict reconstruction.

Earlier, Beijing proposed 12-point aimed at ending the Ukraine war five weeks before the Chinese President's much-hyped visit to Moscow.

In their joint statement issued on March 21, both countries "stressed that responsible dialogue is the best way for a sustainable resolution of the Ukrainian crisis, and the international community should support constructive efforts in this regard."

However, when the two countries were busy making joint statements, Russia was using lethal arms like drones and missiles at its disposal to target Ukraine, reported Geo-politik.

The ground realities showed that the two sides were more interested in offering lip service to the Ukraine war than they ever wished peace to prevail in the region.

Experts are particularly suspicious about China's sincerity towards pushing Russia to end the war against Ukraine. For China, the war in Ukraine seems to be a blessing in disguise as it is draining out the West and Russia of their economy and strength, reported Geo-politik.

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict is proving to be a drag on the American economy. In Europe, the epicentre of the ongoing war, Russia's cut in energy supplies has posed a significant challenge to the economy.

Prevailing of such economic situations is viewed by China with interest as Beijing feels it will prevent the US and its allies from launching a full-scale war against the country in the wake of its planned annexation of Taiwan, reported Geo-politik.