Jerusalem: The first Israeli civilian was killed by the rocket fire launched at civilian targets in the country by the Islamic Jihad since the IDF began "Operation Shield and Arrow" against the terrorist organization's leadership and bases in Gaza Tuesday morning. The victim was killed when a rocket hit a residential building in Rehovot, located in central Israel, Thursday evening.

Magen David Adom did not identify the man but reported that he suffered from multiple systemic injuries due to the rocket attack.

There were a total of 8 casualties from the attack, including the one fatality. There were also four listed in moderate condition, and three others who suffered minor injuries.

Five of the wounded were sent to Kaplan Hospital, including a 74-year-old man and a 50-year-old man, 2 women around the age of 70 and 1 minor whose age was not disclosed.

MDA medics Yedidia Hachmon and Tomer Peshko said, "When we arrived on the street we saw a lot of destruction in the building. We immediately went inside and began to search the apartments. In the apartment on the third floor, an unconscious victim was found with a very severe multi-system injury and we had no choice but to determine his death."

The two said they found a 74-year-old man in another apartment whose leg was trapped under the rubble. He was rescued by the fire brigade and transported on a stretcher to the MDA ambulance, which sent him for further treatment at the hospital in moderate condition.

Additional units of the MDA arrived at the scene and provided medical treatment to 3 more victims who were in moderate condition and to one victim described to have been lightly wounded.