The Indian air force said that multinational air exercises like Ex INIOCHOS give its air warriors exposure to different flying platforms. This exercise also gave them a better understanding of different flying platforms. This also helped the participating nations imbibe India’s training and practices into their own respective Air Forces.

The air forces in this exercise are also learning about future warfare. They are using high-tech equipments of the participant air forces and are learning about the future of warfare which is an important need for the armed forces around the world today. The main aim is also to learn to operate and train in diverse environments and the IAF is participating with its advanced aircraft like the Sukhoi Su-30MKI and Dassault Rafael fighter jets, these are the most advanced fighter jets in the IAF’s arsenal.


The Greek Air Force is hosting a global air exercise. This training entails simulating actual warfare using numerous air force assets. The Andravida air base will host the drill. The countries will fly each other’s aircraft during the training and will share their skills, experiences and combat techniques which are beneficial for all the participant nations. The exercise will be led by the Greek air force. It has seen participation from NATO countries, which includes the US, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the hosts Greece themselves.

This exercise seeks to enhance global coordination, interoperability, and participation from all participating air forces. Many air and surface weapons are being used and operated in this exercise. These weapons will be used in real battle scenarios to make the participating countries aware of the futuristic warfare and allow the participating countries to communicate professionally to learn each other's skills, practices and weapon systems.

The training allows the air forces to imbibe themselves to operate in diverse environments. This helps in operation in different terrains, climatic conditions as well as geographical areas to better understand and operate in different parts of the world during the time of need. Also, the Greek air force is participating with the American-made F16s fighter jets. This gives India a chance to learn more about the American-made fighters as these fighters are used by Pakistan in their air force.