London: The leader of Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM), Altaf Hussain on Thursday exposed the Pak military establishment's cunning tricky businesses and swindling tactics and said that even the common man knows their duping strategies.

"The military establishment's stereotype game of so-called "national interest" and "integrity of the country" has been buried, and has always misled the people because of the level of awareness among the enslaved," he said.

The MQM supremo said that even a common man knows all the tactics and duping strategies of the military establishment for creating an atmosphere for interfering in the country's politics, economy, trade, domestic and foreign policies and missions.

"Now, the people know how the military establishment creates new splinter groups by adopting different methods in the political parties," he added.

The MQM chief said that his party is already a victim of these cunning games and is well aware of all these tactics of the military establishment and its peripheries especially, the ISI (Pak intelligence agency).

In order to break the MQM which is the only representative political party of millions of Muhajirs and other oppressed nations in Pakistan, the military establishment and its peripheries first created the MQM Haqiqi, then brought forward Azim Ahmed Tariq (Haji Camp), then Pak Sarzamin Party and finally, the MQM Pakistan.

Hussain said that in the meeting of formation commanders held yesterday, June 7, 2023, which was chaired by the military chief General Asim Munir, it was loudly discussed that those who set fire to the residence of the Lahore Corps Commander and other objects and vandalised them will be tried in the newly formed military courts which are unconstitutional.

"Pakistan's adventurist and power-and-money-hungry military establishment will dissipate a strong wave of fright and intimidation among the political activist belonging to the PTI and across the board," said MQM supremo.

The meeting of the formation commander reiterated a firm resolve to take those involved in arson will be taken to the gallows but the military chief couldn't say anything about the killer troopers of the peaceful civilian protesters who were shot in their heads and their numbers were above one hundred.

"Will the military chief General Munir take those military killers of the peaceful civilian protesters to the gallows because none of the peaceful civilian protesters held a gun but it was troopers who had gunned down above one hundred men," he asked, insisting that General Munir must also tell where dozens of armed and vigilant troopers on security duty of Lahore Corpse Commander had vanished all of a sudden just before a couple of hours.

"Why the troopers on security duty had disappeared?" he asked.

Hussain added that it is also on record that the MQM headquarters Nine Zero which was his residence in Karachi was first set ablaze and then bulldozed despite the fact that it was under military siege for years and was heavily guarded by the paramilitary Rangers.

He asked General Munir must tell the people who bulldozed it. "Were they the civilians or the troopers of the military establishment and its paramilitary Rangers?"

He categorically asserted that on May 9, 2023, the paramilitary Rangers only aimed at the heads of the civilians and ensured that every target was down.

"General Munir did not even tell that the victims were innocent workers and sympathisers of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)," he said.

Hussain deplored that General Munir did not even mention the important thing in the formation commanders meeting that thousands of innocent Balochs, Sindhis, Muhajirs, Pakhtuns and tribal people are regularly killed by the troopers, ISI, Military Intelligence, Frontier Corpse and Rangers.

He insisted these forces abduct the civilians from streets, houses and workplaces and even in the presence of their families, torture them to death and dump their mutilated bodies on deserted lands.

"Who is behind these tragic deaths and forced disappearances of civilians in Pakistan?" he asked.

The MQM chief further stated that Gen. Munir should have also announced such unconstitutional and unlawful and barbaric methods of killing.

"These cases of the troopers and paramilitary Rangers should also be tried in military courts and they should be punished," said Hussain.

He asked Gen Munir to inform the nation whether the act of destroying or burning inanimate objects is a greater crime than killing human beings.