by Dev Pratap Kawale

Indian Navy is the one of the most powerful Navy in the world . It is the dominant Navy in the Indian Ocean Region And Indo Pacific region. To maintain its dominance in these regions in future Indian Navy will have most powerful vessels.

These 5 Upcoming Vessels of Indian Navy are currently in the under construction or in design and development phase . These vessels will make Indian Navy dominance Navy in future.

1. Project-18 Class Destroyer

Project-18 Class Destroyer is the upcoming class of stealth guided missile destroyer currently under development for Indian Navy. These destroyer will feature advance AESA radar , electronic warfare system, etc . The displacement of these destroyer will be 14,000 tons which will be twice as Kolkata and Visakhapatnam Class Destroyer. The destroyer will be able to carry 144 missiles which include Brahmos 2 hypersonic cruise missiles, SMART anti sub missiles, Barak-8 , XRSAM, Anti ballistic missile Air Defence missiles . The destroyer will also include laser weapon, electronic magnetic rail gun . Total of 5 -10 destroyer will enter service between 2030s - 2040s .

2. Nilgiri Class Destroyer

Nilgiri class Frigate is currently under construction for Indian Navy. Total of 7 Frigates are built by Two different shipyards one is MDL and another is GRSE.

These Frigate will have MF STAR AESA radar which is capable as AEGIS radar of US Navy. These Frigate will equip with 32 Barak-8 Air Defence missiles, 8 BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles , 2 RUB 6,000 anti sub rocket launchers . These Frigate will be capable as Kolkata Class Destroyer.

All 7 Frigates will enter service by mid 2020s .


It is currently upcoming under development supercarrier for Indian Navy.

INS Vishal will displacement around 65,000 tons and will have advance EMALS [Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System] . The design will be CATOBAR carrier ins

tead of STOBAR design which will allow aircraft to takeoff with more fuel and weapons. INS Vishal would be carry 55 aircraft which include Combat Aircraft, UCAV, fixed wing ASW and AEW&C Aircraft and Helicopter. INS Vishal will enter service by mid 2030s .

4. S5 Class Submarine

S5 Class Submarine is the upcoming class nuclear power ballistic missile submarine or SSBN . These submarine would have twice the displacement as Airhant class SSBN . These submarine would carry 16 MIRV capable K6 submarine launch ballistic missile . Currently it's the most secret program of Indian Navy with not much details in public . Total of 3 SSBN are planned by Indian Navy.

5. Project-75Alpha Class Submarine

Project-75 alpha class submarine is upcoming nuclear power attack submarine or SSN . Total of 6 submarine are set to enter service between 2030 - 2050 . The construction of first 3 submarine are expected to start by 2024. These will be power by advance miniature pressurised water reactor (PWR) which currently under development by Bhabha Atomic Research centre . These submarine will be able to carry heavy torpedoes and hypersonic cruise missiles. The first submarine is expected to enter service by 2032 .