London: A grand 'India Day' celebration was held in London to celebrate India’s 77th Independence Day as well as the historic success of the Chandrayaan-3 moon mission.

The event was held at the Navnat Centre in London and the people of the Indian diaspora took part in the celebration in huge numbers.

Indian High Commissioner Vikram Doraiswami and several prominent members of the Indian diaspora attended the event.

“HC @VDoraiswami addressing the huge gathering of friends of India, PIOs and Indian Citizens in an event marking the 77th Independence Day of India at @navnat today,” the Indian High Commission in London said on X (formerly Twitter).

"Thrilling to see heartfelt pride in the successes of #India among Indians, Indian-origin and other friends in the UK. Stalls from all our States and all communities made this a truly #Indian celebration. Here and everywhere #dilhaihindustani," Doraiswami wrote on X.

During the event, Doraiswamy said that the role of the Indian diaspora is central to India’s success globally.

Speaking to ANI, Indian High Commissioner Doraiswamy said, “The message is simple. There is so much to be proud of 76 years of India’s history, and particularly the last decade, in which so much has been achieved. I think the time is for us now to work together as one, look ahead, and consolidate all our successes and build ahead for a new India. And I think the role of diaspora here is central for that”.

“There is so much reservoir of goodwill, talent, capacity and the desire to stay involved with India. What we really need is the diaspora to really come together as one with the one common aim, that is to make India a shining success,” he added.

Lord Rami Ranger, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, a member of House of Lords, who is also a prominent leader of the Indian diaspora in the region expressed happiness over the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

“First of all, happy Independence Day to everyone. I would like to remember those who made sacrifices for our independence. It is because of them, that every Indian is living free and contributing to the world,” Ranger said.

He added, “And what could have been better than India becoming the first country to land on the south pole of the moon? We have done what no country was able to do…I would only say that unity is a pre-requisite of success.”

Steve Tuckwell, a UK MP from Uxbridge and South Ruislip, who was also present at the occasion said that the relationship between India and UK are “strongest it has ever been”.

“Well, its an absolute pleasure to be invited here to celebrate of 77 years of India’s independence. The relationship between the UK and India is the strongest it has ever been, and as a member of parliament I have been an advocate of making that relationship even stronger,” he said.