New York: India has extended support amounting to USD 2,46,852.71 for project aimed at bolstering early flood warning services to communities in Suriname.

The support extended by the India-UN Development Partnership Fund is in direct response to a request from the Government of Suriname, as part of their efforts to enhance resilience against flooding resulting from excessive rainfall, as per a release issued by India’s Permanent Mission to UN.

Indian Ambassador to UN Ruchira Kamboj on Thursday tweeted: “Strengthening flood resilience in #Suriname underscores India's #CARICOM commitment. With a pledge of USD 2,46,852.71 from the #IndiaUNFund early warning services against flooding get a vital boost.”

Suriname is in need of an advanced next-generation weather forecasting workstation. The proposed project entails the procurement and installation of an Automatic Weather Station and Automatic Water Level Stations, as per the release issued by the Permanent Mission to UN.

These additions will serve to elevate the capabilities of the National HydroMet Network, thus enhancing the monitoring of rainfall and flood situations, and thereby fortifying the foundation of an effective early warning system. Additionally, a cutting-edge ArcGIS cloud-based geospatial platform will be developed to analyse areas prone to susceptibility to flooding.

Kamboj stated: “India has consistently supported Suriname through a variety of community development projects, extending concessional lines of credit, and providing humanitarian assistance whenever required. This project, aimed at establishing an early climate warning system, will undoubtedly save lives, empower businesses to adapt their operations, and safeguard valuable property."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a meeting in September 2019, engaged with leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in New York. The Prime Minister underscored the intention to foster partnerships with CARICOM countries in a manner that effectively addresses the unique needs and priorities of the CARICOM region.

This commitment reflects India's unwavering dedication to strengthening its political, economic, and cultural ties with CARICOM nations, as per the release.

The India-UN Development Partnership Fund, initiated by the Government of India in June 2017, stands as a beacon of support for projects in developing nations that contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

Guided by the principles of South-South cooperation, the Fund places paramount importance on national ownership and leadership, equality, sustainability, capacity development at the local level, and mutual benefit. The Government of India has pledged a total of USD 150 million over the next decade for the Fund. To date, the Fund has successfully supported 75 development projects spanning 56 countries, according to the official release.