A graphic representation of Pragyan Rover

India on Wednesday became the first nation to have landed on the Moon's south pole during Chandrayaan 3 mission. The successful soft landing by the Vikram Lander has also placed India among an elite club of nations to have landed a spacecraft on the Moon. Previously, only the United States, China and the former Soviet Union had achieved this feat.

Following the mission's success, the nation burst into a celebration with everyone reminiscing about the memories of former chief of the Indian Space Research Organisation K Sivan's emotional breakdown four years ago when Chandrayaan-2 had faced a setback with its failed soft landing attempt in September 2019.

The first picture of Pragyan (left) coming out of Vikram has been shared by Pawan K Goenka, the chairman of Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre.

“India, I reached my destination and you too!" Chandrayaan-3 sent its first message upon landing on the lunar surface after over a month of journey from the Earth.

Hours later, the Pragyan Rover rolled out from the lander and is positioned on the ramp right now.

Further, it will set off on its mission to gather data on the elemental composition of the Moon's atmosphere and other objectives

Both Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover are designed to function for one lunar day, which is 14 days on the Earth.