New Delhi: The Ministry of Culture has conceptualised the Culture Corridor - G20 Digital Museum to represent and celebrate the shared heritage of G20 members and invitee countries.

This project is based on India’s G20 theme ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ and the Culture Working Group’s (CWG) hallmark campaign ‘Culture Unites All’, as per a release issued by the Ministry of Culture.

The Culture Corridor - G20 Digital Museum is an international project organised for the G20 Leaders’ Summit in India. This exhibition will be unveiled at Bharatmandapam, the venue for the G20 Leaders’ Summit, on September 9 and will open to the public after the Leaders' Summit.

The Culture Corridor - G20 Digital Museum which is envisioned as a G20 legacy project, is a first–of–its–kind collaborative project which has sought participation from G20 countries to create a ‘museum in the making’.

The Culture Corridor will serve as a powerful platform for promoting understanding and appreciation of diverse cultural expressions, for knowledge sharing, inclusivity, and equality, and for fostering a sense of shared identity. The Culture Corridor will incorporate iconic and notable cultural objects and heritage of the G20 members and nine invitee countries, as per the release.

The exhibition will showcase thematic curation of tangible, intangible and natural heritage of G20 members and invitee countries, which have a unique identity, and stand as iconic cultural markers spanning millennia of human civilisation.

The Culture Corridor will explore and juxtapose the universal cultural ethos that has guided many civilisations and cultures, and further amplify the importance of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ or One World. One Family. One Future.

The Culture Corridor - G20 Digital Museum will exhibit physical objects and digital media from G20 members and invitee countries

The submissions requested were in FIVE categories: Object of Cultural Significance (as a physical display), Iconic Cultural Masterpiece (as a digital display), Intangible Cultural Heritage (as a digital display), Natural Heritage (as a digital display), and an Artefact Related to Democratic Practices (as a physical or digital display). The Culture Corridor has confirmed participation and submissions from all 20 G20 members and nine invitee countries.

The Culture Corridor is designed as a hybrid form of future museums. The most significant cultural objects shall be on display from 29 countries to showcase the skill, art, and history of the world.

The exhibit will also showcase a 12-foot digital cube which will display the iconic masterpieces through anamorphic content. The cube will also celebrate the objects related to democratic practices from time immemorial, as per the release.