The Indian Air Force recently successfully tested the “Type V Heavy Drop System” from a cargo aircraft. With the help of this system, arms/equipment /ammunition weighing up to 20 ton can be easily transported and dropped with the help of parachute in the battlefield or at inaccessible places including high altitudes.

Being manufactured with 100 per cent indigenous resources, the Indian Armed Force users have declared it a major success under “Make in India”. Officials said that the Type V Heavy Drop System has been designed and developed at Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment, Agra (DRDO). The testing was jointly completed by Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment, Indian Armed forces Users & Airbornics Defence & Space Pvt. Ltd. (Defence Division of JCBL).

“Type V Heavy Drop System” can be used for C-17, C-130 and other C-series aircraft. It has a platform and a special multistage parachute system. It consists of eight main canopies, three extractor parachutes, one drogue parachute and electrical, electronic, mechanical systems& other latching accessories. The platform of this system is made of a special aluminium metal.

Preparations have been completed for the induction of “Type V Heavy Drop System” into the Indian Armed Forces. It is being manufactured by Airbornics Defence and Space Pvt Ltd. Airbornics Defence and Space Pvt. Ltd. is involved in R&D activities with Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment, Agra (DRDO) since 2018 for development of such systems for the needs of the armed forces. Airbornics Defence& Space Private Limited is ready to undertake such development activities of more challenging nature to strengthen the Indian Armed Forces under Make in India initiative.