Faisalabad: Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), a far-right Islamic political party in Pakistan, is forcing Christians and Hindus to embrace Islam.

In a viral video, the TLP members were seen forcing a Pakistani Christian youth, Zunaid to embrace Islam in the Faisalabad district of Punjab.

The ceremony was conducted by TLP Mullah, Maulana Tareq and attended by 6-8 other members of the same radical outfit.

According to his family members, Zunaid was kidnapped a few days back and after the conversion ceremony has been threatened with death by the TLP members if he denounces Islam.

He has also been asked to persuade other members of his family to convert to Islam by assuring them that they will have protection and prosperity.

A few days back, the TLP carried out rallies in Sargodha against the Christians for alleged blasphemy. A large number of Christian families fled the area for false accusations of blasphemy on members of the minority Christian community.

In Jaranwala, the leaders of the TLP even called for the public execution of Christian people accused of false blasphemy.

The Hindus in Pakistan are also not safe as they are also facing false blasphemy accusations. The Hindu girls are being kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam.

Faraz Parvaiz, a Pakistani human rights activist recently posted on X, “Two minor #Hindu girls: 15 years Rani and Amarkoy aged 12 have been converted to Islam after abduction and then married off to Muslim men. Religious minorities are not safe in Pakistan.”