London: The Overseas Friends of BJP (UK) have asked UK Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs James Cleverly to take urgent action to safeguard the security of Indian diplomats in the country.

The Overseas Friends of BJP (UK) in a letter addressed to Cleverly on Thursday said it is deeply concerned about recent incidents that have jeopardised the safety and security of Indian diplomats in the UK, specifically the confrontation faced by the Indian High Commissioner to the UK, Vikram Doraiswami, at the hands of extremists at the Glasgow Gurudwara.

The group asked the UK Foreign Secretary to take immediate action in response to these concerning developments by initiating a comprehensive investigation into the root causes underpinning the recurrence of these incidents, identifying and holding accountable those who imperil the safety of Indian diplomats; heightening security measures encompassing diplomatic missions and residences to forestall any future threats or attacks.

The group also asked to foster close collaboration with diplomatic missions and their representatives to address security apprehensions comprehensively and ensure the safety of Indian diplomats; implement stringent measures to monitor and deter extremist elements engaging in activities that imperil public order and the security of diplomats.

The Overseas Friends of BJP (UK) said the recent event in the UK not only pose an imminent threat to the safety of Indian diplomats but also cast a long shadow over the United Kingdom's esteemed reputation as a nation that staunchly upholds the principles of the rule of law and international diplomatic decorum.

The group also mentioned the recent desecration of the Indian national flag in the UK.

"These recurrent events underscore a pressing need for a rigorous evaluation of the security protocols currently in place and a critical assessment of the British authorities' capacity to provide the requisite protection mandated by the Vienna Convention to Indian ambassadors," the group said.

"The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, an agreement to which both India and the United Kingdom are signatories, clearly delineates the obligations and responsibilities of host nations concerning the safety and security of foreign diplomats. It is imperative that the UK government demonstrates unwavering dedication to these obligations by implementing robust measures aimed at averting further incidents and preserving the integrity of diplomatic missions," it added.

The Overseas Friends of BJP (UK) asked Cleverly to "accord this matter your immediate attention, recognising the paramount importance of the safety and security of Indian diplomats. Your leadership holds the potential to instigate significant change, ensuring that the United Kingdom remains an exemplar of upholding the principles of the Vienna Convention, safeguarding the rule of law, and preserving international diplomatic standards. We thank you for your expeditious consideration of this pressing issue and eagerly await news of the actions taken to rectify these concerns."