Tel Aviv: United States President Joe Biden who arrived on Wednesday on an official visit to Tel Aviv backed Israel's claim that the strike on a hospital in Gaza hospital seemed to have been carried out by the "other team" in reference to Palestine terror group Hamas.

He also asserted that the US will make sure that Israel would get what it requires to defend itself from Hamas attacks.

"Americans are worried because we know there's this is not an easy field to navigate what you have to do, but the fact is that Israel as they respond to these attacks, it seems to me that have to continue to ensure that you have what you need to defend yourselves. And we're going to make sure that occurs as you know," Biden said.

Addressing a joint media briefing with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden said, "We have to also bear in mind that Hamas does not represent all the Palestinian people and it has brought them only suffering."

On Tuesday's attack on the Al-Ahli hospital, Biden said he was "deeply saddened" and "outraged" and emphasised that the preliminary data says that the explosion was done by Hamas.

President Biden added, "I was deeply saddened and outraged by the explosion at the hospital in Gaza yesterday and based on what I've seen, It appears as though it was done by the other team, not you, but there's a lot of people out there, not sure so we got a lot of got to overcome a lot of things and also means encouraging lifesaving capacity to help the Palestinians were innocent caught in the middle of this."

Biden noted that Hamas "slaughtered" over 1,300 people, "and that's not hyperbole, just slaughtered... including 31 Americans. They have taken scores of people hostage, including children. You said, Imagine what those children hiding from Hamas were thinking. It's beyond my comprehension to imagine what they were thinking."

"They have committed evils and atrocities that make ISIS look somewhat more rational," Biden said.

Biden arrived in Tel Aviv today to show US support to its Middle Eastern ally as Israel entered the 12th day of war against the Hamas terror group.

Upon his arrival, Biden was received by PM Netanyahu and President Issac Herzog on the tarmac. The usual formalities for such a visit, such as a greeting by the full Israeli cabinet and religious leaders, etc were not observed.