New Delhi: Addressing the 6th edition of the Australia-India Leadership Dialogue, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar highlighted the pivotal theme of 'Bridges of Bharosa', signifying the trust and cooperation between 'like-minded partners' India and Australia.

The dialogue, held virtually, underscored the significance of this trust in fostering a free, open, peaceful, and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

"Australia India Leadership Dialogue has quite aptly used the phrase Bridges of Bharosa as one of its themes in this complicated world. It is the bharosa or trust between like-minded partners such as India and Australia along with others that is helping us in our efforts to secure a free, open, peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific region," Jaishankar said during his virtual address at the 6th edition of the dialogue.

Jaishankar outlined the diverse range of bilateral frameworks that shape the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP) between the two nations. These include dialogues such as the Foreign Ministers Framework Dialogue, the two-plus-two defence meeting, the Trade Minister's Commission, Education and Skills Council, CEO's Forum, and various subject-specific working groups.

"A wide array of bilateral frameworks such as Foreign Ministers Framework Dialogue, the two plus two defence and Foreign Ministers meeting the Trade Minister's Commission, Education and Skills Council, CEO's Forum, renewable Energy Partnership and several subject-specific working groups. These are the features of our wide-ranging CSP," Jaishankar added.

The engagements between the two countries span from defence and security to cyber and critical technology, trade and economic relations, science and technology collaborations, innovations, and robust educational and people-to-people ties.

"Our engagements extend from sea to space, covering all possible areas such as defence and security, cyber and critical technology, trade and economic, science and technology and innovations, education and people-to-people ties," the EAM added.

The minister also highlighted the strengthening of bonds between the two nations through cricket, noting the participation of Australian women cricketers in the successful Women's IPL.

"Even our bonds of cricket have strengthened further, though not always to India's advantage. It was fantastic to see so many Australian women cricketers take part, some even captain teams in the first-ever hugely successful women's IPL this year," the EAM said.

"Another driving force of our relationship is the convergence in our understanding of an approach to the geostrategic environment, particularly in our common Indo-Pacific region," Jaishankar added.

He also emphasised the defining nature of this year for the bilateral relationship. Acknowledging the profound connection, Jaishankar stated that the two nations, collectively, represent a force for global good.

"India and Australia share a deep friendship and this year has turned out to be a defining one for our Dosti," he added.

The theme of 'Skill for Success' at the dialogue resonates with the potential for India's skilled workforce to address Australia's needs and shortages, further strengthening the ties between the countries, Jaishankar said, underlining the myriad complementarities, presenting a compelling case for an expanded collaboration.

"Together, that makes us a force for global good. The theme Skill for Success is also apt as India's skilled workforce can contribute to Australia's needs and shortages. Simply put, the many complementarities between us make a compelling case for so much more than the two of us can do together. There is far more potential for actual integration of our economies and of businesses and for creating new supply chains." the EAM added.

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong was in India to attend the Foreign Ministers' Framework Dialogue. The two leaders held discussions on advancing the strategic partnership between the two countries.