U.S. Navy SEAL Team conducted a joint training exchange with MARCOS Commando Force

The combined tactical training, which built upon the partner nation’s collective maritime capabilities and long-standing partnership, included a focus on maritime interdiction operations, close quarters combat training, tactical combat casualty care and casualty evacuation procedures.

“Working with our partners in the Indian MARCOS was an enlightening experience,” said a U.S. Naval Special warfare operator. “Strengthening partnerships and being able to connect operator to operator is always our focus, and we were able to do just that throughout this exercise.”

The exercise helped to strengthen the U.S. and India’s strong strategic partnership and highlighted both countries commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific.

As part of the training, the partner forces conducted multiple target assault iterations and maritime interdiction operations. The joint exchange culminated in two full-mission profiles -¬ one direct-action raid and one maritime-interdiction operation.

U.S. special operations forces provide flexible response to contingencies in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond. Integral to this capability is a forward-deployed posture and continuous engagement with partner and ally forces, furthering mutual interoperability and expanding regional expertise.

The U.S. and India have a rich history of cooperation on a wide range of diplomatic issues, including defense, non-proliferation, counterterrorism, peace-keeping, agriculture, education and more.

Naval Special Warfare is the nation's elite maritime special operations force, uniquely positioned to extend the Fleet's reach and gain and maintain access for the Joint Force in competition and conflict.