Dhaka: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has promised to maintain cooperation and friendly relations with India if she is re-elected in the parliamentary polls next month.

The reaffirmation came as she unveiled the manifesto of the ruling Awami League party on Wednesday for the upcoming general elections scheduled for January 7.

Hasina underlined that if her party secures victory, Bangladesh will persist in its development collaboration with all nations, highlighting the commitment to fostering positive diplomatic ties and cooperation.

Specifically mentioning India-Bangladesh ties, the manifesto states, "The long-standing problem of demarcation of land boundaries and exchange of enclaves with India has been resolved. This achievement has encouraged continued multilateral cooperation and friendly relations with India."

Highlighting the foreign policy priorities of her party, Hasina's manifesto also stated that "cooperation with neighbouring countries will continue in various areas, including cross-border communication, transit, energy partnership, and equitable water sharing".

"Bangladesh is firmly determined to prevent the presence of militants, international terrorists, and separatist groups on its territory," the manifesto said, adding, "The Awami League government will play an important role in forming the South Asia Task Force to combat terrorism and militancy to root it out from the entire region."

According to the manifesto, cooperation with India will continue in the areas of bilateral trade and security. New areas of cooperation with India, Bhutan and Nepal will include energy cooperation and joint river water management.

The Awami League's election manifesto also outlines an ambitious agenda to transform Bangladesh into a smart country by 2041, focusing on 11 key areas, Daily Star, a Bangladeshi English-language daily newspaper, reported.

Hasina, presenting the manifesto ahead of the January 7 national election, highlighted the highest priority of creating job opportunities.

The manifesto reflects the party's commitment to comprehensive development, with a strategic focus on economic growth and employment generation as integral components of Bangladesh's vision for the future.

The Awami League's 98-page manifesto places significant emphasis on key areas, including the control of essential commodity prices, the establishment of a technologically advanced and smart Bangladesh, increased investment in agriculture, the expansion of industries, and the empowerment of the financial sector, including banks.

The Supreme Court, on December 27, has provided clearance for the Election Commission (EC) to proceed with the 12th parliamentary election scheduled for January 7, Daily Star reported.