Three children sustained injuries in a grenade attack at the election office of a PPP candidate in the industrial town of Hub, Dawn reported.

Unknown assailants carried out six additional grenade attacks, including those targeting proposed polling stations, on Monday.

Dawn reported, citing police sources, that unknown individuals on motorcycles targeted the election office of PPP's Baluchistan Assembly candidate, Mir Ali Hassan Zehri, near Jumma Khan Hotel. The explosion occurred near the election camp, resulting in injuries to three children.

After the blast, law enforcement promptly responded and shifted the injured children to the district hospital in Hub. Mir Ali Hassan Zehri was not present in the election camp during the grenade explosion, according to the report.

The injured children were later transferred to Ziauddin Hospital in Karachi for further medical attention.

According to Dawn, authorities also reported another grenade attack at the election office of a PPP candidate, causing damage to the camp. However, no casualties were reported in the incident.

In addition to these incidents, six more grenade attacks targeted camps and proposed polling stations.

Three blasts occurred in the Kharan area of Rakhsan division, where unidentified armed individuals targeted school buildings earmarked for polling stations, causing damage to several school buildings, including a girls' school.

Late on Sunday night, a powerful motorcycle explosion occurred in Kharan town, targeting a senior police officer. However, the officer survived, according to the report.

Reports from Panjgur stated that unknown individuals opened fire at the residence of Mir Asad Baloch, the president of the Balochistan National Party-Awami (BNP-A), and hurled a grenade at his house. Security guards retaliated, forcing the attackers to flee the scene.

Similarly, the residence of the ex-deputy chairman Senate and PPP candidate for the National Assembly from Turbat-Panjgur, Sabir Baloch, also came under attack, with armed assailants opening fire.

No casualties were reported in the firing and grenade attacks across various areas of the province, Dawn reported.

Over the past few days, an estimated 40 grenade attacks targeted election camps of candidates in 10 districts of Balochistan. The attacks affected camp offices of PPP, BN-Mengal, National Party, BNP-Awami, and other political parties.

In Sibi, the election rally of a PTI candidate for the National Assembly was also targeted, resulting in four fatalities and injuries to six PTI workers, according to reports.

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