Test firing of ship-Borne BrahMos variant from Navy's stealth guided-missile destroyer INS Kochi

No preconditions are in place at the moment that the stated timeframe will not be observed

The BrahMos-NG supersonic cruise missile is expected to begin flight testing before the end of 2025 said General Manager for Market Promotion & Export of BrahMos Aerospace Praveen Pathak told TASS at the World Defence Show.. The BrahMos-NG is a supersonic cruise missile developed by the joint company BrahMos Aerospace, a Russian-Indian venture.

However, in October 2022, BrahMos Aerospace CEO Atul Rane announced that the qualification trials of the BrahMos NG missile would begin in early 2024.

"In parallel with construction of the plant scheduled to start operations in late 2025 - early 2026, first flight specimens of the new BrahMos-NG missile will be assembled for fight tests. They are planned to be assembled, and flight tests will start by the end of 2025," Pathak said.

No preconditions are in place at the moment that the stated timeframe will not be observed, the general manager added.

BrahMos Aerospace had to make the world's fastest missile smaller, meaning that the next generation of the BrahMos missile will be "half the weight," and its size will also be smaller.

The company intends to unveil the finished missile within two or three years, and it would take maybe a year to start production.

Therefore, by the middle of 2026 the smaller missile would be available which we can fit on any aircraft.

Currently, air-based BrahMos missiles are being installed on Su-30MKI heavy jet fighters. The new missile is being designed for lighter Indian planes - the MiG-29 and the TEJAS.

In the future, the company intends to offer this version of the missile to the Russian Aerospace Forces as well.