Gilgit-Baltistan: The abduction case of Falak Noor, an 11-year-old girl from Gilgit-Baltistan, has now gained attention in Gilgit Baltistan (GB).

In the latest turn of events, local leaders and people Saturday organised protests on several locations in GB. They criticised the establishment for sheer ignorance of the matter and issued an ultimatum for the administration of one week, stating Noor must be returned to her parents within that time, otherwise, protests and sit-ins will be organised on an even larger scale.

Noor, the daughter of a poor daily wage worker, Sakhi Ahmad Jan, is claimed to have been abducted since January 20 this year, from Sultanabad in Gilgit Baltistan. Since then, the victims family members have been fighting to get their daughter back. However, after a long struggle, the matter is now being heard in the Chief Court of Justice in Gilgit.

The lawyer who is now representing the case stated, "We have now presented the matter before the Chief Justice of GB. We had pleaded that this is a case of human rights and the safety of a young girl. The court will be issuing notices and summons to all the top police officials of GB by tomorrow, and will also direct the police to produce the culprit of the case before the court. We now hope that if the orders of the court are not followed, strict action will be taken against police high officials".

The lawyer further stated, "We also demand that, not only the culprits but the supporters of these culprits within the police, on high ranks such as SP, SHO, add. SHO, IG and DIG be punished. As they remained ignorant and took no action even after knowing every intricate detail of this case. They not only remained ignorant but also tried to manipulate Jaan and help the abductors of the girl".

Allegedly, the case of Noor is a case of enforced abduction for forceful marriage. Regarding the same matter, Deputy Speaker of GB Sadiya Danish said that "as far as the case of Falak Noor is concerned, anything like this is not allowed either legally or by religion. The law clearly states that if a girl is not an adult, she cannot marry anyone without the consent of her parents even if she wants to. Hence, we have demanded that the case be treated as a criminal act of abduction. As she can only be the age of 13 years based on her documents,. And the private doctor who stated declaring her age to 16 will also be summoned and inquired the basis of her conclusion. As such a certificate holds no legal ground until issued by a public hospital. All of these officials are supporters of the crime and must be punished".

Prominent social leader Baba Jan said in a statement, "We want to alert the administration that they employ all their resources for the powerful people but no attention and weightage is being given to the poor and weak people. We will not tolerate the people who have abducted Falak Noor and the administration that has been supporting these culprits. We are also organizing a protest in Islamabad and this is a mere warning that we will not remain silent and will for our rights."

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