High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) has developed Dual Thrust Extruded Double Base (EDB) propellant for Portable Anti tank Guided Missile and the propellant has performed successfully as per requirement in static, dynamic and number of flight trials. The desired pressure-time and thrust-time profile and missile maximum range is achieved using a Dual Thrust EDB propellant grain of high energy and high burn rate which was achieved by using special burn rate modifiers in the EDB propellant formulation.

The propellant performance was meeting all the ballistic requirements. Technology for manufacture of dual thrust EDB propellant is different from conventional extruded double base (EDB) propellant and composite propellant processing. The propellant has unique characteristics of low temperature and pressure sensitivities. This ensures minimum variation in propellant performance over wide range of temperature conditions. These unique properties are coupled with good mechanical properties suitable for free standing grain and smokeless exhaust.

These properties can be achieved by manufacturing process optimized by HEMRL. The propellant composition has been established by HEMRL using indigenously available ingredients and special burn rate modifiers. After development trials and successful validation, propellant development has been completed. The manufacturing of dual thrust EDB propellant involves various steps like NC-NG paste preparation, kneading, rolling, extrusion, annealing, maturation followed by machining and inhibition processes which were established by HEMRL during development.

Now, the EDB propellant developed by HEMRL is ready for TOT by manufacturing/production agencies.