The Indian Navy has joined the world's largest naval military wargame Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) in Hawaii.

Twenty-nine nations, 40 surface ships, three submarines, over 150 aircraft and more than 25,000 personnel are going to train and operate in and around the Hawaiian Islands during the exercise, according to the US Navy.

The Indian Navy has deployed frontline warship INS Shivalik for the RIMPAC.

"Indian multi-role stealth frigate INS Shivalik, mission deployed in South China Sea and North Pacific Ocean, has reached Pearl Harbour in Hawaii to take part in the RIMPAC exercise," Indian Navy spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal said on Saturday.

The harbour phase of the exercise is taking place from June 27 to July 7.

The sea phase of RIMPAC is divided into three sub-phases which will witness ships undertaking various exercises.

The exercise will witness the participation of an aircraft carrier battle group, submarines, maritime reconnaissance aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, remotely piloted surface ships and also an amphibious force landing operations, Commander Madhwal said.

The RIMPAC exercise will run till Aug. 1.

'The Rim of the Pacific exercise has grown over the years to be the world's largest and premier joint combined maritime training opportunity,' said Vice Admiral John Wade, commander, the US 3rd Fleet.

'The exercise's purpose is to build relationships, to enhance interoperability and proficiency and, ultimately, contribute to the peace and stability in the vitally-important Indo-Pacific region,' he said.

Wade is also serving as RIMPAC 2024 Combined Task Force (CTF) commander.

The theme of RIMPAC 2024 is 'Partners: Integrated and Prepared.' 'INS Shivalik's participation in RIMPAC-24, 9000 Nautical Miles away from Indian coast Stands testimony to the Indian Navy's capability to operate in any part of the world,' Commander Madhwal said.

INS Shivalik is an indigenously designed and built 6000 tonnes guided missile stealth frigate.

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