Bern: Nasir Aziz, the spokesperson for the United Kashmir People's National Party (UKPNP), said the ongoing protests in Pakistan-occupied Jammu Kashmir (PoK), emphasised the community's commitment to a peaceful struggle against the Pakistan government's failure to address their issues.

Despite long-standing loyalty to their homeland, residents are expressing profound dissatisfaction with Pakistan's unfulfilled promises and exploitation of local resources.

"For a very long time, the people from PoK have been raising their voices at local and international platforms. Unfortunately, Pakistan has given no notice of their concerns. Pakistan has always promised to fulfil the rights of Kashmiris, but always betrayed them," Nasir Aziz Khan said in an interaction with Dr Shabir Choudhry.

Since May, PoK has witnessed massive protests organised under the Awami Action Committee, initially sparked by issues including, subsidies on wheat flour.

The movement has since expanded to address inflated electricity bills and illegal taxation, uniting a diverse group of participants including students, lawyers, and political activists.

"The people of PoK have exposed Pakistan for the fake promises made over 76 years. She has only exploited our resources. The electricity generated in PoK should benefit the locals, who deserve free electricity. Unfortunately, Pakistan has imposed numerous taxes on electricity," added Nasir Aziz.

Despite attempts by Pakistani agencies to divide the people and undermine the movement, protests continued in Kotli and Mirpur, with plans to extend to Poonch and other areas until their demands are met.

"Pakistani forces used bullets and teargas in Muzaffarabad that resulted in casualties, but the resolve of the protesters remains unshaken," Khan said.

International attention is now focusing on PoK, with UKPNP having submitted a detailed account of the Pakistani government's brutal force to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Nasir Aziz Khan highlighted the ongoing detention of political activists and called for their immediate release.

Nasir Aziz further criticised the lack of democratic rights under Pakistani control, noting that PoK residents are unable to participate in elections freely.

"To file a nomination, the candidate has to take an Oath of Loyalty to Pakistan," he stated, underscoring the systemic limitations imposed on the region's political freedom.

As the protests continue, the people of PoK remain determined to achieve justice and the fulfilment of their rights, with the world closely observing the unfolding situation.

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