Turbat: Hundreds of protestors gathered in front of the District Collector's office from Fida Chowk in Turbat, Balochistan, demanding the safe release of victims of enforced disappearances.

The Baloch Yakjahti Committee (BYC) alleged that the Pakistani administration has not paid any attention to the matter.

This protest entered its fifth consecutive day on Friday.

"After four days of sit-in protest in the scorching heat, the families are now marching towards the D.C. office, where they will continue their protest until their loved ones are returned. In this difficult time, we urge our nation to participate in the sit-in in front of the D.C. office and encourage our elderly men, women, and children, for their sufferings and miseries are beyond words," the BYC posted on X.

The BYC also reported that the health of the demonstrators is severely deteriorating as Pakistan currently witnesses a major heatwave. But, they affirmed that the determination of the protestors to recover the forcibly disappeared victims remains 'resilient'.

"Sit-In Protest by Families for Safe Recovery of Their Beloved Ones Enters 4th Day. In this burning heat, they are fighting for their lives, while the district administration pretends to be on leave. They can't even attend the Sit-In protest and listen to these elderly women And man, which is extremely disappointing. We appeal to the people of Kech to participate in this Sit-In and support our elders, for we are their only hope," it said in a subsequent post.

Previously, the BYC announced that the ongoing protest at Shaheed Fida Chowk in Turbat will persist until victims of enforced disappearances are safely released.

The BYC further said that despite promises from the local administration regarding the safe return of the disappeared individuals, there has been no response from the current authorities.

"Eid has come and gone, but Baloch families continue to protest at Shaheed Fida Chowk Turbat, demanding the safe return of their loved ones who have been missing since Eid. The District Administration had falsely assured them of their loved ones' release before. Now, no state authority has come forward to address their demands," the BYC stated.

The Baloch Yakjahti Committee also called upon the international community to show solidarity on the issue and demanded the release of all Baloch individuals who have been forcibly disappeared.

(With Inputs From Agencies)