Brussels: The United Kashmir People's National Party (UKPNP) recently held a significant meeting in Brussels, Belgium to discuss the plight of people in the Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoK) and highlight the challenges faced by the region.

They demanded the release of PoK activists who are arrested on "fake" terrorism charges.

The meeting was attended by party leaders Jameel Maqsood, Sajid Hussain, Aqeel Ahmed, and Abdul Basit. The leaders reiterated that UKPNP's revolutionary ideology and manifesto are the path to restoring the rights of the people of PoK.

They accused Pakistan and its facilitators of disrupting the peaceful atmosphere in PoK through tactics such as firing, imprisonment, and torture against the leaders of the Jammu Kashmir Awami Action Committee.

The UKPNP strongly condemned the arrests of Sardar Shabbir, Sardar Aman, Talha Advocate, and Chaudhry Shakeel Advocate, labelling these actions as "terrorism." The party demanded the immediate release of these leaders and warned of severe consequences for Pakistan and its agents if their demands were not met.

UKPNP leaders vowed to bring attention to state violence in international forums, including the United Nations and various human rights organisations. They accused Pakistan of illegally occupying parts of Jammu and Kashmir and conspiring to create internal conflicts to maintain its control.

In their statement, the UKPNP called on Pakistan to cease disrupting the peaceful environment in the region, asserting that such actions would not succeed in dividing the people.

The party reaffirmed its commitment to advocating for the rights of the people of PoK on the global stage and promised to continue its efforts to reclaim those rights.

A crucial outcome of the meeting was the establishment of the Belgium Organising Committee of the UKPNP.

Aqeel Ahmed was appointed as the President, and Abdul Basit as the General Secretary of the new committee. Additional committee members include Tahir Ashraf, Riaz Hanif, Muhammad Niaz, Bilal, Waleed, and Qamar Hameed.

The committee expressed full confidence in the leadership of Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, the exiled chairman of the UKPNP.

The newly formed Belgium Organising Committee pledged to strengthen the party's presence in Belgium, the capital of the European Union. They emphasized their commitment to organising the party effectively and enhancing its influence in the region.

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