According to multiple sources, a top-secret US Navy undersea drone called the Manta Ray was spotted on Google Maps at the Port Hueneme naval base in California. The Manta Ray is an autonomous underwater vehicle (UUV) developed by Northrop Grumman as part of a US Navy initiative to develop long-range underwater weapons.

The Manta Ray prototype is designed for long-duration undersea missions and has a sleek design resembling the body of a manta ray fish. It can anchor itself deep underwater while operating in low-power mode. The drone utilizes efficient, buoyancy-driven gliding to move through the water.

After the image of the Manta Ray leaked online, it was removed from Google Maps and replaced with what appeared to be edited boats. The sudden disappearance of the drone from the satellite images has sparked curiosity and speculation.

The Manta Ray's advanced technology and strategic implications have drawn significant attention. Its modular design allows for easy disassembly and transportation in ordinary shipping containers, providing flexibility for deployment.

It's important to note that the Manta Ray is a highly classified project, and specific details about its capabilities and uses may not be publicly available. The exact reason for its removal from Google Maps remains unknown.

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