Sikh women in Jammu carried out a protest against forced religious conversion of Sikh girls in Pakistan’s Lahore

Jammu: Sikh Women here on Friday led a protest against "forceful religious conversion" of a girl from their community in Pakistan.

Jagjit Kaur, 19, who was missing for a number of days, was found on Thursday after she was forcibly converted to Islam and made to marry a Muslim man. Daughter of Bhagwan Singh, a 'Granthi' (priest) of Gurudwara Tambu Sahib, she was converted to Islam at gunpoint in Lahore's Nankana Sahib.

"We are protesting against the Pakistan government. It is very shameful that the religion of a girl was forcefully converted. We seek an answer from Imran Khan that they go to the UN for everything. In India, our government works for every person irrespective of their religion. Minorities should get protection in every country," a protester Jasneet Kaur told ANI.