New Delhi: Amid tensions between the two neighbours, Pakistan has apparently denied India access to its Army's website.

On logging in, the website reads, "The owner of this website has banned the country or region your IP address from accessing this website."

The development comes after both neighbours witnessed heightened tension over regional security during the weekend.

Earlier in the day, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired the meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC), which had been called to discuss issues pertaining to national security in the wake of allegations against India using cluster ammunition to target civilians along the Line of Control (LoC).

Khan took to social media to condemn India's alleged use of cluster ammunition. He alleged that India's attack violated international humanitarian law.

The allegations were, however, rejected by the Indian Army as "pure propaganda".

Khan also urged the international community, including the United Nations Security Council and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to "take note of this international threat to peace and security."