NEW DELHI: Terming their meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday as 'impressive', members from the delegation of European Parliament feel it is good for them to go to Kashmir as a foreign delegation and see firsthand as to what is happening on the ground.

Nathan Gill, Member of European Parliament from Wales while leaving for Kashmir said, "It is a good opportunity for us to go into Kashmir as a foreign delegation and to be able to see firsthand ourselves what is happening on the ground."

David Bull from the UK said it was an honour to meet the Prime Minister while adding that India is 'important' in terms of global pharmaceutical industries. India and UK have incredible ties, he said.

Another member of the delegation, Thierry Mariani from France said the meeting was impressive and the Prime Minister spoke about Indian people.

Alexandra Philips said she is quite reassured about getting access to Kashmir and being the first foreign delegates to do that.

The delegation left for Kashmir on Tuesday morning.

Yesterday, sources had said the delegation will meet Jammu and Kashmir administration officials and they will also call on Governor besides meeting local residents during the visit.