MiG-27 fighter jets, which played a crucial role for the Indian Air Force (IAF) in the Kargil War, will take their last flight from Rajasthan's Jodhpur in December this year.

The last Squadron of MiG-27, 29 Scorpio, is based in Rajasthan's Jodhpur.

All the MiG-27 fighter aircraft in the Squadron will take their last flight in December this year after which they will be phased out.

An official source informed India Today TV that during an official ceremony in Jodhpur, scheduled for December 27 this year, these fighter aircraft will take their last flight.

The MiG-27 was inducted in the Indian Air Force in 1981 and after serving for 38 years, they will be decommissioned.

Three years ago, two squadrons of MiG-27 were phased out in Bengal's Hashimara and Squadron 29 is the last remaining Squadron of MiG-27 in the country, based in Jodhpur.

The MiG-27s have been involved in several incidents of crashes in the last decade.