Pakistan, India's neighbouring country, continues to support terrorism in India, it is not hidden from anyone. Having collected many examples of this dozen of times, India has kept it on Pakistan and on the international stage, but even then, no work is being done to curb it from Pakistan. Moreover, many ministers and leaders in the Government of Pakistan also accept from open platforms that Pakistan conducts all kinds of terror activities in India. Pakistan's terrorists go to India and do big terror attacks. It remains In India, this fear is not from today but from the time of Mahmud Ghaznavi.

According to the media report, the leaders of the parties of Imran and other parties debated this issue on Wednesday in Pakistan's Geo TV. Ali Mohammad Khan, a minister of Imran Khan's party who attended this program, said that terrorists of Pakistan go to India for big attacks. Terrorists attacks Indian army's security installations, parliament and other places, after which Pak keeps crying. The event was anchored by Hamid Mir and included Musaheed Hussain, Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar and Ali Mohammad Khan of the Senate.

Prime Minister Modi said on Tuesday that it will not take more than a week or ten days for the Indian Armed Forces to lick Pakistan. Even on this statement of the Prime Minister, the three leaders present in the talk show said that India is taking Pakistan lightly while it is unable to handle itself. If there is a war, then the old accounts will also be equalised. The policies of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Donald Trump of America were also discussed in this Capital Talk. It said that Trump's love is giving hatred to Pakistan. His first love is India and second love is Netanyahu. It was said in this program that if Pakistan had not been a nuclear power country, India would have attacked.