Subramanian Swamy slams Imran Khan for tweeting video to complain about ‘fascist’ RSS amid pandemic

'He obviously has no work...': Subramanian Swamy slams Imran Khan for tweeting video to complain about ‘fascist’ RSS amid pandemic

BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Friday came down heavily on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan after the latter tweeted a video of Swamy.

"The RSS inspired BJP leadership in the 21st century openly speaking about the 200 million Muslims just as the Nazis spoke about the Jews," Khan wrote on Twitter on Friday, sharing a video.

"He obviously has no work assigned to him as PM by the Pak military and ISI except to bad mouth India. The treatment of Hindus and Sikhs today in Pakistan especially denying them food is one step away from genocide," wrote Swamy in response.

In the video Swamy can first be seen speaking in Parliament. "All that we can say is, the BJP government has has acted," Swami can be heard saying before the video switches over to a voice-over and then another clip.

"Most people like our hard line approach to solving problems," he can be seen telling a journalist in the second clip. Speaking presumably about the CAA, Swamy says that the Act cannot be faulted for the perception that democratic values were being ignored.

"This was a commitment we had made over several years, over several governments. We have completed the job. We know where the Muslim population is large. There's always trouble. Because Islamic ideology says so," he responds.

"If Muslims become more than 30%, that country is in danger," he tells the reporter.

Speaking about Article 14 of the Indian Constitution, Swamy says that it is a "misinterpretation" to assume that it guarantees the right to equality for all persons living in India.

"Article 14 guarantees equality of equals," he explains, adding that all people are not equal.

When asked by the reporter as to whether Muslims deserved equal rights, Swamy adds that it is a moot point because they were "not in a equal category".

'India needs a new CAA': Subramanian Swamy slams Pakistan over video alleging Hindus in Sind are being 'starved to death'

Many of the internet have hailed Swamy for his response, while others remained critical.

"You seem to have missed that he is the only PM to have restored & reopened Hindu temples in Pakistan and also opened Kartarpur for Sikhs. Our PM has full right to expose the truth about what is happening in India because you guys beat up those who speak up inside India," wrote one user.

"Very True Dr Swamy . Islamic Pakistan refuses to give food to Hindus & Christians during the coronavirus pandemic," responded another.

Recently, Swamy had criticised Pakistan after videos surfaced allegedly of Hindus in Sind being denied food and other supplies.

"Pakistan must explain to the UNHCR the video report circulating that Sind Hindu population is being starved to death. If it is a fake video then that too be told," he had tweeted.