WION's coverage on China has been exemplary

At a time when the liberal media houses like The Quint and ThePrint are resorting to rumour mongering to create panic in the country with journalists like Rajdeep Sardesai are busy singing praises about Rahul Gandhi for his tweet warning about the impending threat of the coronavirus, World Is One News (WION) has upheld the core values of journalism as the channel and journalist Palki Sharma Upadhyay has completely exposed the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Their relentless pursuit for the truth about the Chinese virus has exposed the skeletons of the CCP and this has made the Chinese government wary. The Chinese embassy has now hit out at Indian media houses like WION for their “anti-China” reportage.

WION has been one of the few Indian media houses who has dared to call a spade a spade and has continually addressed the virus as the “Chinese coronavirus” with Palki Sharma Upadhyay giving a great justification for calling it the Chinese virus as China must take responsibility for the truth about its origin as the virus originated in Wuhan’s wet market. WION has also exposed the collusion of the WHO with the CCP as the latter allowed 5 million people leave the Hubei Province which later became the epicentre of the virus.

Of late, WION has been aggressively exposing how the WHO has resorted to playing Beijing’s political games by ignoring Taiwan’s early warnings in December of the possible human-to-human transmission of the virus. Recently, the channel covered how a top WHO official was left flummoxed by the question of Taiwan’s inclusion in the global body.

Bruce Aylward who is the assistant director-general of the WHO when asked about by the RTHK journalist if the WHO would reconsider Taiwan’s membership, initially pretended that he hasn’t heard the question. When the journalist again attempted to ask the question but Aylward was quick to dismiss it and asked her to move to the next question. But the journalist didn’t budge and again sought to ask about Taiwan, Aylward abruptly ended the video interview.

The journalist then proceeded to call him again and asked Aylward about his thoughts on how Taiwan has done to combat the virus. Shockingly, Aylward forgot his position at the WHO and started behaving as a spokesperson for the Chinese Communist Party and exclaimed, “Well, we have already talked about China and you know, when you look across all the different areas of China, they have all done quite a good job.”

The fearless reportage by WION has spooked China with its embassy resorting to hitting out at its decision to cover how the WHO has completely succumbed to the CCP. The Chinese Embassy claimed that the reportage was the violation of One-China Policy as Beijing expressed, “strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the reportage”.

WION is not just popular in India but is also earning rave reviews in South Asia, West Asia and other parts as the channel single handedly busts the Chinese propaganda.

The channel has minced no words against the Chinese Communist Party with Palki Sharma leading from the front. Recently, WION exposed how China’s wet markets are back to operating in full swing thus putting the world at the risk of yet another deadly virus. WION’s brilliant investigative journalism has also exposed how China’s biggest lab has 1500 strains of viruses as it questioned whether the Chinese labs are equipped to keep these deadly viruses.

WION’s coverage of the Chinese virus is like a breath of fresh air which has kept the Chinese Communist Party on the tenterhooks. WION’s reportage must act as a case study for the Indian media houses.