Pakistan’s key ally China had pledged to send top-quality N-95 masks to the Islamic Republic affected by COVID-19 pandemic. However, the masks turned out to be made from underwear, Indian News Channel – Republic TV reported. 

In a weird incident, Beijing had promised medical aid to its ally hoodwinked Pakistan by sending masks made out of underwear. Reporting the news, the anchor of the Pakistani channel said, “China ne Chuna Laga Diya” (China has fooled us) and further notified that the Sindh provincial government sent the masks to hospitals without checking.

Netherlands sent back over 600,000 face masks that had been imported from China after they failed to meet quality standards, the Dutch media has reported.

The faulty masks had already been sent to several hospitals in the Netherlands but have now been recalled. The rest of the masks have now been put on hold, said an NOS report Saturday. Netherlands had received the mask order from a Chinese manufacturer on 21 March. The masks were of the FFP2 grade, used as a respirator mask to filter out around 94 per cent of solid and liquid particulate matter in the air.

However, the masks were found to have faulty filter membranes during the inspection that would have been ineffective in filtering out particulate matter containing the deadly virus from entering through mouth or nose.