New Delhi: After a long haul of gaffes, Pakistan’s science and technology minister has become a target of trolls on Twitter. Hussain often misspells words or commits factual errors.

Pakistan's Science and Technology Minister Fawad Hussain Chaudry has come under fire for calling India "Endia" in a tweet. The minister has a reputation of being a motormouth and making spelling mistakes in his tweets. However, this time it wasn't a misspelling but his attempt to take a dig at a Hindu from India celebrating Eid.

​Netizens are questioning why a minister is acting like an internet troll and have their own explanations for it.

​Last week, the minister was caught in a controversy over the Eid moon sighting. He declared that Eid-ul Fitr would be celebrated on Sunday even before the announcement of the religious affairs committee on Saturday.

"In various matters, including the issue of moon sighting, sectarianism prevails through logic, law and science and technology should be consulted and given priority", he had said.