The Border Security Force (BSF) on Saturday seized a huge cache of arms and ammunition from the Abohar sector in Punjab near the Indo-Pak border

According to reports, the 124th Battalion of the BSF seized three AK-47 rifles, six-round magazines, 91 round 7.62 mm ammunition, two M-16 rifles, four M-16 rifle magazines, 57 rounds 5.56 mm ammunition, two made in China pistols, four pistol magazines, and 20 rounds 7.63 mm ammunition.

The BSF took to Twitter and shared the details of the seizure done by its officials in the Abohar sector in Punjab near the Indo-Pak border.

BSF said its vigilant troops once again thwarted the attempt of anti-national elements to push the consignment of contraband items into India.

The BSF in Punjab frontier has so far this year seized 394.742 kg heroin, arrested 77 who crossed the Indian border, 10 Pakistan intruders, 32 (including Saturday`s seizure) different kind of weapons, 57 different magazines (including Saturday`s seizure), 650 rounds ammunition of various calibres, six Pakistan mobile phones, and 10 Pakistan sim cards.

The 2.65 lakh personnel strong force is mandated to guard India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh borders.