Rahul Gandhi (centre) releasing a booklet on 'plight' of farmers in wake of Centre's three farm laws

Rahul warned against appeasing China, noting it won't stay quiet

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday highlighted what he portrayed as shortcomings in the Narendra Modi government's handling of border issues with China.

Speaking at a press conference in Delhi, Rahul was quoted by ANI as saying, "China has a clear strategic vision of shaping the world, which India doesn't have. India does this and that but doesn't work strategically. China has tested twice. Once in Doklam and other in Ladakh."

Rahul warned against appeasing China. "If India doesn't give a clear message to them and make clear military, economic, geopolitical strategy, China won't stay quiet but will make the most out of it. The day it will happen, we'll suffer damages," Rahul was quoted as saying by ANI.

Rahul declared the farmers' protest was a "tragedy". Rahul was quoted by ANI as saying, "There is tragedy unfolding today in country. Government wants to ignore issue and misinform the country. I'm not going to speak about farmers alone as it is only part of tragedy. It's important for youngsters. This is not about present but about your future."

Highlighting farmers' concerns about the possible dismantling of mandis, Rahul said, "The rice, wheat you [middle class] buy comes at the rate you purchase because of APMC and the agricultural system. This [farm laws] is not an assault on farmers but on the middle class and on every single youngster in the country, who is not able to get a job."

Rahul said the new farm laws were "designed to destroy Indian agriculture". Declaring that he supported the protesting farmers, Rahul said, "every single person should support them as they are fighting for us." He alleged that the laws will put the entire agriculture sector in the hands of "three to four crony capitalists".

At the beginning of the press conference, Rahul released a booklet highlighting 'plight' of farmers in wake of the Centre's three farm laws.