DRDO Akash-NG will be ready for testing soon. Other than having high SSKP, biggest takeaway of this system is the capability to engage up to 10 targets simultaneously, from subsonic to supersonic targets.

The highly agile, accurate and reliable missile features high single-shot kill probability (SSKP) and is capable of operating under all weather conditions.

The actual number of simultaneous target engagement of Akash-NG could be on a little higher side (more than 10), once an Akash-NG guides itself with its onboard seeker. That's a plus side of having active radar seeker onboard. Given the fact it has an active radar seeker, this ten target engagement capability is a certainty. The missile can get an initial cue from the ground based radar and fly out on inertial navigation till seeker kicks in. Or lock on via seeker before launch.

In a similar way, number of Akash-NG SAMs on air could be bit more than 10 as well, if the system uses two Akash-NG SAMs to home-in on a single target. Barak-8 too has similar advantages.